Friday, October 12, 2012

Report on leadership on 1:1 device programs

The implementation of 1:1 device programs is more effective when principals and school leaders show confidence and commitment to the initiative, according to a report by Project Red. The report shows that principals must be committed over the life of the project -- not just during implementation -- and ensure that faculty members have enough time to learn the technology. This research reviewed implementations in nearly 1000 schools in 49 states.  For my broader discussion of the findings of including the 11 “education success measures” used (high stakes testing being one, but just one, of these 11), the key implementation factors for success, and the evidence of improved learning in 1:1 programs, click here.
Project Red Principals. (2012). Revolutionizing Education through Technology: The Project RED Roadmap for Transformation. Eugene, OR: ISTE.
 click here for the pdf

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