Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Handheld devices use report

Report: More students are using smartphones, tablets
The percentage of middle- and high-school students using smartphones and tablet computers on a regular basis has increased since 2007, according to a 2012 report.  50% of high-school students and 40% of middle-schoolers use these tools. The key findings from this report include:
  • Mobile devices when combined with social media and wireless connectivity is enabling more personalized learning opportunities for both students and educators.
  • Driven by several factors, the incorporation of student owned devices within classroom instruction is quickly becoming a viable solution for many schools and districts.
  • Increasingly parental support for mobile learning is changing the district conversation.
  • Changing teacher practice is the critical challenge today to expanding mobile learning.
  • The future of mobile learning depends upon a shared vision for how to personalize learning.

Blackboard and Project Tomorrow. (2012). Learning in the 21st Century: Mobile + Social Media = Personalized Learning. 

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