Wednesday, April 10, 2013

School librarian collaboration report

A new report reveals that school librarians are highly involved leaders playing a critical role in their schools through consistent and sustained collaboration with other educators, and that they deliver professional development to peers, educators, and staff in their schools. The report details key findings from a nationwide survey of more than 2,400 educators from all grade levels and subject areas.
Survey findings indicate that many schools are not structured to support the professional collaboration educators identified as important in strengthening their practice. Despite this, educators are participating in some forms of school-based collaboration, and school librarians are often participating at rates equal to or greater than other educators. With the already small amount of time set aside for collaboration during the school day dwindling, a substantial number of school librarians are participating in professional learning networks on their own time. Fifty-one percent reported seeking and sharing ideas at least weekly in online networks and communities. Of those school librarians participating in the survey, 66 percent indicated they also provide professional development to peers and other educators, and 58 percent provide these services to staff inside their school. Further, 60 percent indicated their decision to do so was voluntary.

National Center for Literacy Education. (2013). Remodeling Literacy Learning: Making Room for What Works, Urbana, IL: Author. 

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