Sunday, January 20, 2013

Women and digital divide report

A recent report urges technology companies, policymakers and nongovernmental organizations to do more over the next three years to boost Internet access among women and girls in developing countries. "Women's lack of access is giving rise to a second digital divide, one where women and girls risk being left further and further behind," said Melanne Verveer of the US State Department.
The report points to stubborn gaps in women's access to the Internet in Africa, the Middle East and other developing parts of the world. It found women are nearly 25 percent less likely than men to be online in those regions, and called on policymakers and technology companies to take steps such as making it easier to access the Internet on mobile phones, allowing free mobile content and boosting digital literacy to shrink the gap.
Intel. (2013). Women and the web. Santa Clara, CA: Intel.

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