Sunday, September 16, 2012

College student Information literacy study

The study presents findings from 560 interviews with undergraduates on 10 campuses
distributed across the US, as part of Project Information Literacy (PIL). Overall, the findings suggest that students use a “less is more” approach to manage and control all of the IT devices and information systems available to them while they are in the library during the final weeks of the term. Over half the sample considered their laptop their most essential IT device and most had a Web browser and, to a lesser extent, a word processing application running at the time of the interviews. Most students were using one or two Web sites at the time of the interviews, but there was little overlap among the Web sites they were using. Recommendations are made for how campus-wide stakeholders—faculty, librarians, higher education administrators, and commercial publishers—can work together to improve education for 21st century undergraduates.
Head, A., & Eisenberg, M. (2011). Project Information Literacy Research Report. Seattle, WA: University of Washington.

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