Sunday, February 5, 2012

Computer education report

This report is an initial response to a “call-for-action” by the Computer Science Teachers Association (CCEAN), which consists of computer science education leaders from the K-12, community college and university level including teachers, administrators, professors and researchers, along with California educational policy staff, including from the California Department of Education. CCEAN is working to address the need for educational policy changes and educational reform regarding computer science education in California. The report describes the general K-12 education landscape in California as a foundation and provides details related to the current computer science education landscape, including but not limited to: computer science courses available to students, credentialing of computer science teachers, professional development opportunities for educators, and funding opportunities related to the support of computer science education.
California Computing Education Advocacy Network (CCEAN). (2012). In Need of Repair: The State of K-12 Computer Science Education in California

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