Sunday, July 11, 2010

College students' study research

New research, conducted by two California economics professors, shows that over the past five decades, the number of hours that the average college student studies each week has been steadily dropping. According to time-use surveys, the average student at a four-year college in 1961 studied about 24 hours a week. Today’s average student hits the books for just 14 hours.
Babcock, P., & Marks, M. (2010).
Review of Economics and Statistics.

The 2009 National Survey of Student Engagement found that 62 percent of college students studied 15 hours a week or less — even as they took home primarily As and Bs on their report cards. On the positive side, the report shows that a variety of colleges and universities have shown steady improvement in the quality of undergraduate education, as measured by students’ exposure to and involvement in effective educational practices.
National Survey of Student Engagement. (2009). Assessment for Improvement. Bloomington, IN: NSSE.

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