Sunday, May 16, 2021

Post-COVID action for public education report

The International Commission on Education Futures developed nine ideas for public action, knowing that the pandemic will forever transform education. These ideas for action are the commission’s attempt to actively shape the future of education and help strengthen and enhance its power for all students, including those in developing nations.

  • Commit to strengthen education as a common good.
  • Value the teaching profession and teacher collaboration. 
  • Promote youth participation and rights.
  • Address the importance of connectivity and access to knowledge and information.
  • Make free and open-source technologies available to teachers and students. 
  • Ensure scientific literacy within the curriculum.
  • Protect domestic and international financing of public education.
  • Advance global solidarity to end current levels of inequality.
  • Protect school's social spaces.

Education in a post-COVID world. (2021). UNESCO.

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