Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Technology priority in education survey

More than 90% of school district leaders across the country say their top priority for education technology is to personalize learning for students, according to a national survey. More than nine in 10 respondents to a survey on the topic reported that in the pursuit of encouraging personalized learning their districts 1) provide software or digital curriculum to classrooms (designated by 96 percent of participants); 2) provide computing devices to classrooms (94 percent); and 3) provide professional development in personalized learning practices (92 percent). Two-thirds of districts (65 percent) also assess teachers on their implementation of personalized learning practices.The survey also reveals that about three-quarters of districts offer blended-learning options and more educators are expressing concern about student data and privacy issues.
Center for Digital Education. (2018). K12 school district priorities. Folsom, CA: Center for Digital Education.

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