Friday, May 9, 2014

Popular reading study

In reviewing what Accelerated Reader books that children are reading, a national study found that:
The number of books that students read peaks in second grade, at an average of 55.
The number of words students read in books peaks in sixth grade, when they average 16.2 books containing a total of 419,121 words.
In 12th grade, students are averaging 5.2 books a year, containing 304,252 words.
The gender gap in the average number of words students read peaks in eighth grade – with boys reading 340,515 words and girls reading 446,771.
The Common Core State Standards, adopted by the majority of states in recent years, are encouraging more reading of informational texts. But the balance of books kids read is still heavily in favor of fiction. Fifteen percent of books read by 12th-graders are nonfiction. For earlier grades, books about animals and various historical figures are the most popular.

Renaissance Learning. (2014). What kids are reading. Wisconsin Rapids, WI: Author.

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