Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Foreign language teaching research

Effective strategies are those that make input more comprehensible and that help us use writing to solve problems. It may be useful to teach some strategies directly, but some strategies may be innate, and others could develop as a result of comprehensible input. Individuals acquire language subconsciously by understanding aural and written messages, that is, from " “comprehensible input,”and that subconsciously acquired language is far more important in language comprehension and production than consciously learned language. Discussion of strategies in the second language acquisition field has largely been independent of the acquisition-learning distinction. In fact, many of the strategies proposed and investigated in second language education relate to conscious learning (e.g. ways of reviewing for a grammar test or memorizing vocabulary).
Krashen, S. 2013. Should we teach strategies? Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching 10(1): 35-39.

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