Saturday, June 30, 2012

Personalizing the classroom report

This report focuses on how today’s educators are personalizing the learning process for students. The ways that educators are personalizing learning centers around their own experiences with online learning, socially-based media and digital content. The key questions being addressed in this report include:
  • What are educators’ experiences with online learning?
  • How does it inform their perspectives on student learning?
  • What policies and practices are administrators considering around the “Bring Your Own Technology” movement?
  • How do we transform the classroom from a “one size fits all” model to a truly individualized learning experience for students?
Some key findings include:More than half of the teachers and principals (52 percent) said they have taken an online class for training purposes and almost two-thirds of district level administrators as well.
40% of teachers, and 50% of Principals use online professional learning communities.
Administrators see technology as a solution to decreased district budgets.
Educators increasingly recognize the value of incorporating digital content into their schools and classrooms.
Speak Up. (2012). Personalizing the Classroom Experience – Teachers, Librarians and Administrators Connects the Dots with Digital Learning. Irvine, CA: Project Tomorrow.

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