Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mobile tech and social media in schools report

Leading education associations released a new report aimed at helping inform and guide education decision makers as they revise policies related to the use of mobile technologies and social media in schools. The report includes several key observations:
  1. The use of mobile Internet devices and social media by young people is widely prevalent. The use of student-owned mobile devices for classroom instruction is growing, and more schools are moving from policies that ban their use to integrating them into the classroom.
  2. Students and schools experience substantial educational benefits through the use of mobile devices and social media.
  3. There are legitimate concerns about the use of social media that need to be addressed.
  4. Current federal, state and local policies and procedures need modification or clarification in order to respond to current realities of expanded social media and mobile devices in schools.
  5. Equity is a vital issue to consider when establishing policy around social media and mobile technologies.
American Association of School Librarians and Consortium for School Networking. (2012).  Making progress: Rethinking State and School District Policies Concerning Mobile Technologies and Social Media.

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